Drainage of leachate

The DRAINTUBE ACB is used in substitution of case bottom:

- Part of the granular material to drain leachate,

- The anti-puncturing geotextile to protect the geomembrane.


Reducing the volume of drainage material to implement and allows increased storage bin capacity.


The geocomposite results from the assembly by needling of the following:

- Needled nonwoven filter PP Organic Anti-Clogging Treaty (ACB)

- Mini-drains perforated PP regularly

- Drainage sheet needled nonwoven PP.


The Organic Anti-Clogging treatment helps limit bacterial growth on the filter and ensures the effectiveness and sustainability of the drainage.


The Validation DRAINTUBE ACB background bin vis-à-vis the biological clogging was checked on the website of Sonzay (37) and on the site of Oujda (Morocco).


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Formulaire demande


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