Thermal insulation, waterproofing and drainage of underground walls

The SOMDRAIN RT5 is brought into contact to walls of buried structures (basement car park or residential, commercial and industrial premises premises, etc ...) for simultaneously:

- Thermal insulation of the wall on which it rests,

- Filtration and drainage of seepage water discharged to a drain collector Length of work,

- The sealing of the wall and the insulation.


The SOMDRAIN RT5 is a method combining a geocomposite sealing and drainage of underground walls SOMDRAIN T5 thermal insulation AFITEXINOV ISOL RT5. This insulation is a polyisocyanurate (polyurethane family).


It has several advantages:

- Realize the sealing and drainage in a single operation,

- A seal associated with its mechanical protection

- Eliminates thermal bridges

- Ease and Speed of implementation,

Formulaire demande

Formulaire demande


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