Drainage of underground walls

Alvéodrain F  is a filter cloths, drainage and protection of underground walls.

The ALVEODRAIN F is for drainage of seepage water to prevent accumulation in contact with underground walls (car parks, residential basements, bridges, commercial and industrial, retaining walls, etc ... ).

It is also used for applications in formwork and shotcrete.


Alvéodrain F results of the association of the following elements:
- Geotextile filter layer,
- Thermoformed embossed geotextile drainage layer.
Geocomposite is 100% polypropylene


It has decisive advantages:

  • Flexibility of the product,
  • Ease and speed of implementation,
  •  Does not require the intake pebble foot,
  • Technical Application Document issued by the CSTB
  • Approval SNCF for Bridges.
ALVEODRAIN F installed on a construction site in Bois Colombes (92) ALVEODRAIN F structure

Formulaire demande

Formulaire demande


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